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What is the Stath Blog?



The Stath Blog is an online resource for all things pertaining to student-athletes. “Stath” is a blend of the words student and athlete.



The aim of The Stath Blog is to:

1.     Feature student-athletes and their stories

2.     Provide resources for current and former student-athletes

3.     Connect all student-athletes in one central place



The Stath Blog was inspired, created, and is powered by student-athletes.

Mission Statement

To share the stories and experiences, provide relevant and useful resources and connect current and former student-athletes across Canada and the U.S.

Vision Statement

One central place for all things pertaining to student-athletes and life after sports.

who we are?

We are a team of Wilfrid Laurier University students from Waterloo, Ontario. Rashari Henry, a student-athlete on the football team in his fourth year studying Economics at Laurier, founded the blog and is working with his team to promote, maintain, and run the blog. In addition, the team has established Ambassadors at various universities all across Canada and hopes to continue to expand to every university that competes in U Sports. Click the button below to see more information on our administrative team.

In the News

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