Get to know your athletes.

Brandon Smith

Hometown: Ottawa, ON
Sport: Football
Position: Wide Receiver
Program: Kinesiology
Year: 3rd

Interests Outside of Sport: Being outdoors; coaching and watching football; volunteering; music
Future Aspirations: To be a police officer or a strength and conditioning specialist

"In my first year, my playing career was cut short on a routine play gone wrong in the exhibition game for our season. I had a severe neck injury and was lucky to walk away from it not being paralyzed. Since then I have stayed involved with the team as a coaches' helper in any way I'm needed both on and off the field. I have also begun coaching football at the Ontario Varsity level with the OVFL JV Cumberland Panthers. My playing days may be over, but I always say you could never keep me away from the game I love! #PayTheMan7"

Twitter: @wideout_wonder1


Paloma Anderson

Hometown: Phoenix, AZ
Sport: Basketball
Position: Point Guard
Program: Sociology
Year: 3rd

Interests Outside of Sport: I enjoy working with children and people. I enjoy eating and meeting new people. When given the opportunity, I enjoy volunteering my time with any program that needs help. 

Future Aspirations: I wish to graduate with my Bachelor's degree and hopefully play professionally over in Europe. If I can not make that goal, I will return to school to get a Master's and either continue my degree in a teaching field or go on to Law School.



Brett Dickie

Hometown: Wolfville, NS
Sport: Basketball
Position: Point Guard
Program: Business with a concentration in Kinesiology
Year: 3rd

Interests Outside of Sport: Family and friends, coaching youth and playing all sports. 

Future Aspirations: Coaching basketball or getting involved with the business side of sports.

Twitter: @DICKIE_13


Harrison Paul

Hometown: Hammonds Plains, NS
Sport: Curling and Fencing
Position: Mate and Epee Team Captain
Program: Political Science with minor in French
Year: 3rd

Interests Outside of Sport: National and International Politics

Future Aspirations: To work in the New York, NY International Headquarters of the United Nations or to become an MLA or MP in Canada.

Twitter: @HarrisonAPaul2