Get to know your athletes.

MArianne berlatie

Hometown: Laval, QC
Sport: Rugby
Position: Back
Program: Biomedical Science
Year: 2nd

Interests Outside of Sport: I love science, reading, weightlifting and spending time with friends
Future Aspirations: To become a perfusionist or work in the scientific research field. I would also like to be a coach one day and give back to the youth. 

Twitter: @mberlatie

Vincent Jacques

Hometown: Boucherville, Quebec
Sport: Football
Position: Defensive Back
Program: Applied Communications
Year: 3rd

Interests Outside of Sport: Spend time with family and friends. I love to discover everything, especially food haha. Progress as a human being.
Future Aspirations: I would like to become a reporter for a sport channel. 

"I love orcas"


Kateri Rivard

Hometown: Laval, QC
Sport: Soccer
Position: Striker
Program: Law
Year: 2nd

Interests Outside of Sport: I'm also the coach of a young girls soccer team. 
Future Aspirations: I would like to become a lawyer and to work with the child protection services. I also want to coach young soccer teams.