Get to know your athletes.

Philip Chau

Hometown: Ottawa, ON
Sport: Track and Field
Track Events: 300m, 400m, 600m, Relays
Program: Biomechanical Engineering
Year: 3rd

Interests Outside of Sport: Hockey, music and travelling the world. 

Future Aspirations: Creating innovative medical devices and designs to assist athletes and the general public. As well as to be an ambassador for sport on an international level. 

Twitter: @takeachilphil19


Teah Domazet

Hometown: Toronto, ON
Sport: Track and Field
Track Events: 300m
Program: Kinesiology
Year: 2nd

Interests Outside of Sport: Running, travelling and binge watching Grey's Anatomy. 

Future Aspirations: Become an athletic therapist for a professional sports team.

Twitter: @teahdomazet

Emily Hazlett

Hometown: Fredericton, NB
Sport: Basketball
Position: Point Guard
Program: Kinesiology
Year: 5th

Interests Outside of Sport: I really like spending time outdoors, reading a good book or watching some good ol' Harry Potter

Future Aspirations: I want to become a university level basketball coach

Twitter: @e_hazzlet