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What is Ten Thousand Coffees?

Build your network, share your experiences, and exchange ideas - all through the power of a coffee chat, in person or online! Whether you’re a student or an executive, an entrepreneur or employee, Ten Thousand Coffees is the easiest way for you to find interesting people for meaningful conversations.


What is the Stath Connection?

The Stath Connection is an exclusive community hosted on the Ten Thousand Coffees platform! The community aims to connect all student-athletes from across the country, new and old, to create more opportunities for networking, mentorship and future employment. 

Why should you join the Stath Connection?

Why shouldn't you?! Don't miss out on the first exclusive online community specifically aimed at providing all student-athletes with an opportunity to leverage the people that understand them the best, other student-athletes. 

You will be able to:

  • Easily connect with other student-athletes, current and former, from across Canada
  • Receive automatic Introductions to other members who share your goals and interests
  • RSVP to exclusive group conversations and opportunities
  • Use your profile to share your experiences and goals with the rest of the Stath Connection Community

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