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The Stath Blog Booster Club is a way for our readers and fans to support the success and growth of the blog in a meaningful way.

The Booster Club is run through the Patreon platform which allows us to secure donations on a monthly basis and allows us to connect directly with members of The Booster Club! The platform allows us to create various tiers to represent your level of donation and provide you with corresponding rewards to go with each one (find out more below).

We hope that with your backing, we can continue growing the site and eventually venture into different types of content and off site activities like events!

Why you should join The Stath Blog Booster Club!

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My name is Rashari Henry, and I’m the founder of The Stath Blog. 

The Stath Blog (The Student-Athlete Blog) was created to allow student-athletes, current and former, to share their tips, advice, and stories with fellow student-athletes and the greater community. It not only features these phenomenal stories, but also serves to provide adequate resources to help prospective, current, and former student-athletes navigate successfully through each phase of the student-athlete life cycle. 

The blog was officially launched in May of 2016 during my second year at Wilfrid Laurier University while playing on the football team. I launched the site with the help of a fellow student-athlete at the time, Serena Gill, and also a couple dozen student-athlete ambassadors from schools all over the country. We instantly saw a huge response from the student-athlete community receiving thousands of visitors from all over the world in only the first month.

I decided to start the blog because I knew that there was a huge gap that needed to be filled when it came to learning about the student-athlete experience. I was (and still am) the type of person that likes to do as much research as possible on what I'm about to get get myself into. 

Unfortunately, during my last years of high school, whenever I would go on my deep dives on Google searching for any and everything on the student-athlete experience, it was difficult to find relevant and up to date information for incoming student-athletes and their parents and would most often be geared towards NCAA athletes. 

So, with no prior experience, I took on the tremendous task of creating one central place where anyone could find out what being a student-athlete truly entailed, what was expected of them, the common challenges and obstacles they faced, and some resources to succeed at it.

Since then, we have published over 100 student-athletes interviews featuring Olympians, Professional Athletes, and many more. We have also been able to draw in over 68 thousand users from around the globe and have had over 250 thousand pageviews! All of this accomplished organically with only the help of the student-athlete community spreading the word. Up until this point, we haven't successfully found a sustainable way of generating revenue so I have been the primary source of funds to cover its costs. 

Running The Stath Blog for the past couple of years has allowed me to grow in more ways than I could have imagined and has allowed me to give back to my community. My favourite part about the blog is seeing the reactions, comments, and overall impact each post has as it gets shared by teammates, coaches, family, and friends on social media. I've gotten the opportunity to ask the same questions that I used to search on Google to dozens of athletes and each response has taught me something different every time. I've been able to create new friendships and connections with various people from all over the country further expanding my network. I've also been able to leverage it to gain jobs, network with prominent individuals, and even write about my experience at the 2018 CFL Combine for 

As you can see, this platform has benefitted me just as much as it has anyone else who has come across it and my goal is to ensure that it doesn't end there. I have a vision for The Stath Blog that includes a lot more than simply a website but I know that it will take more than just myself to get there and that’s where the The Stath Blog Booster Club comes into play.

This “Booster Club” means a lot more than just covering some of the costs associated with running the site. The purpose of this club is to fund the projects and ideas that we know will have the greatest impact on the student-athlete community and to create the spaces that are needed most. I have no doubts about the potential of what this platform could achieve and become with the support of the student-athlete community behind it.

I’m calling on all of you who have come across this message to not only help me in growing this platform, but in creating and leaving behind a legacy that will have an impact on thousands of student-athletes, their family, and their friends for years to come. Whether large or small, I invite you to support this initiative with a recurring contribution to ensure the longevity, growth, and overall sustainability of this platform and the further initiatives that are developed from it. 

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to send me an email at

Thank you, 

Rashari Henry
President and Founder of The Stath Blog


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The Booster Club Tiers

The name of each tier represents the various ways that student-athlete’s use to find their studies.

Bottle Drive ($1 or more per month)

Ahh, the classic bottle drive! Can you really call yourself an athlete if you haven't done one?


  • Opportunity to provide feedback on New Initiatives!

Adopt-A-”Insert Mascot” ($5 or more per month)

You've either been "adopted" or been the "adopter" as this type of fundraising campaign is used at almost every school. 


  • All previous rewards

  • Your name on our "TSB Booster Club" page

Work-Study ($10 or more per month)

Only a select few get the "spectacular" duty of doing the team's laundry and cleaning the locker room through a Work-Study program.


  • All previous rewards

  • Social Media Shoutout!

The Bank of Mom and Dad ($20 or more per month)

The everlasting well that keeps on giving, and giving...and giving! They can always tell when we're asking for money but can never say no ;)


  • All previous rewards

  • Voting Rights!

Scholarships ($25 or more per month)

There's nothing quite like free money, especially when you've earned it ;)


  • All previous rewards

  • 1 Featured Athlete From a School of Your Choice (monthly)!

Student Loans ($50 or more per month)

Free money?! Why thank you, government! You shouldn't have! No, shouldn't have!


  • All previous rewards

  • Become a Sponsor of one of our Segments!

The Wealthy Booster ($100 or more per month)

The ultimate game changer for any athletic program! Worry no more, The Wealthy Booster is here!


  • All previous rewards

  • Name on TSB's Home Page!

  • 2 Featured Athletes From a School of Your Choice (monthly)!


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